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This category contains routines and many relate instruction to help you build a skin care routines.

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    Top harmful chemicals to avoid in skin care.

    Chemicals You Need To Aware When Choosing Skin Care Products. Every skin has a different way to react with ingredients, that’s unique. However, there are some common irritants, allergens, sensitizers, especially for who with sensitive faces. One survey in 2015 showed that more than 50% of women have identified their skin as having sensitive skin. So I feel it is necessary I write this post to introduce you some ingredients that you might hold off to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Let’s join with me! Reading ingredient list: This would be the first thing you need to look for when handing a product. It provides you with the overall view of…

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    Toner is compulsory? True or False?

    What does face toner do? There are other names of toner that you should aware of: skin freshener, balancer, lotion, pre- lotion, emulsion, tonic, astringent. If you did read my blog about skincare routine steps for beginners, you would realize that I have not mentioned anything about toner. You may think I forgot about this, don’t you? No, no, how can I forget about this stuff. But I would say that using a toner is not really necessary for your skin. I know it sounds weird, while everyone using toner, a standard Korean skincare routine must have 7 different steps of toner. So, how can this weird guy say toner…

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    Minimalising skin care routine for busy people.

    A must-have steps in skin care routine. Have you ever walked by someone with a smooth and flawless skin? You really want to get it but your life is too busy. So this post is for you. In this post, I will walk you through a minimalism routine, that improves your skin appearance which just take you about 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes a day for a healthier skin, why not? What is “minimalism” in skin care? Obviously, the word “skin care” already denotes its meaning, taking care of your skin, particularly facial skin. “Minimalism” is a popular art style in New York in the 1960s, which dignify the…